Best Bison Summer Sausage EVER!

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Summer sausage is any sausage that can be kept without refrigeration. Summer sausage is usually a mixture of pork and other meat such as beef or venison. Summer sausage can be dried or smoked, and while curing ingredients vary significantly, curing salt is almost always used. Seasonings may include mustard seeds, black pepper, garlic salt, or sugar. We feel we have created a perfect summer sausage recipe. Which is the same as our BUFF sticks. Bison, Sea Salt, Maple Syrup, Celery extract and natural wood smoke and that's it!! Summer sausage, like many sausages, uses leftover scrap meat and organ...

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Sugar Steak - Your New Favorite

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Sugar Steak - Your new favoriteWe were fortunate enough to attend the International Bison Convention in Big Sky Montana last week. We came home overflowing with new information on how best to raise our amazing bison, how to market it and some other little tid bits that I will share along the way. First bit - We had the pleasure of watching a cooking demonstration by chef Kyle Mendenhall from Arcana Restaurant in Boulder, Colorado, Jessie Prince from Eating Well Magazine and Adam Danforth a author and butcher. It was the very best steak I have ever had….and I think...

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Brand Ambassador -

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Looking for BUFF Brand Ambassadors!!We have been enjoying the ride BUFF and Big Rock Bison have taken us on. Learning so much daily and being reminded just as frequently as to why we got into this. Bringing BUFF to people who are seeking out a health conscious, hand crafted, naturally sourced and unique protein snack is a unique challenge but one we have enjoyed and have loved all of the people we have met along the way. And ranching the majestic bison is such a privileged – we don’t take it for granted and enjoy the whole process. But…..We, like...

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Big Rock Bison Farm Profile in The Rural Voice

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How to grill a perfect Bison steak

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Grilling Bison Steaks Why do you need to know?? Ladies – to add to your already fully stocked recipe book and to show your crew you can do anything! Men – Because if you cant you are required to turn in your man card – its just something men are supposed to know! Mostly you need to know because if you are spending the $$ on a bison steak you don’t want to mess it up! Where do I get a bison steak?? The grocery store?? Heck no….. For a primo Bison steak you have to go to the source...

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