Please dont poke our sausage!

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Please don’t poke our sausage!As mother nature starts to sort out this thing we call Spring in Ontario – which can mean anything from 20 degrees to snow. We all start to un-earth our BBQ’s and get ready for lots of outdoor eating, or at least grilling (as it wont be long until its mosquito season – but we are not complaining because then it wont be snowing) Big Rock Bison and have all of your meat eating areas of your entertaining needs covered. Our BUFF sticks are great as a Ceaser garnish on the deck, we also have...

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Harness the Power of Animal Based Protein!

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Power of Animal Based Protein        Bison is nature’s original super food. Today’s nutritional analysis confirms what our ancestors have experienced for centuries. Bison is a nutrient dense food including a rich source of compete protein. Compared to other animal proteins, it is the winner for those who put great value on superior nutrition as well as great taste. One of the many reasons we chose Bison and also chose to use 100% bison in BUFF. Not substituting any other cheaper meat as a filler. What is a superfood? The Oxford Dictionary defines it as: a nutrient-rich food considered to be...

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Introducing the 10 Pack of BUFF - as per customer demand!!

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Welcome back – Introducing the 10 Pack!!! Ok ok I know its been a while. You will have to forgive me as it has been BANANAS!! I assume that all of you are living lives in the fast lane as well. The last few months were just faster than I had anticipated! Such is life I guess. So now I am back at it reminding you why BUFF is so awesome. Lets recap. BUFF is made from All canadian ingredients. Why is that important – we want to know where everthing is coming from that we are eating and we...

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Boulder the Bull

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“Boulder” the Bull So the herd at Big Rock Bison has been happily grazing at their new home for 2 months and we finally have given him a proper name! After much debate we are happy to announce that our first bulls name is officially Boulder! It wont be long until we will be able to offer tours to see Boulder in person. In the mean time we are still focused on and all of the places it is taking us. Across Ontario BUFF is being embraced and loved as a healthy, tasty and portable all natural 100% Canadian...

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Dare to Compare

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More and more people are discovering BUFF. Mom's, athletes, on the go families, etc. We are getting a lot of positive feedback on our product and want to share with you what some people are saying. "after comparing the ingredients in what we were eating, it was a no brainer to switch to eating your bison sticks instead - thanks for making such a great product" -Tina "Best tasting pepperette EVER - thank you!" - Bill "So impressed with the thought and research you put into your recipe, so glad we found your product to have as a healthy snack...

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