The BUFF Snack Stick Story

Our Story Update: As was our original dream when we started out with BUFF we have now  officially move to our farm just outside of Shallow Lake where we are loving watching our new herd of 70 and growing Bison graze on what is most likely some of the best grass in Ontario! We are still of course keeping going with BUFF sticks, and loving where that adventure has taken us. Keep posted here  and our facebook page as there are few new and exciting things to come for BUFF in the couple months! For all of you Bison meat lovers you are going to LOVE what we have in store!

Now back to why and how we started BUFF.........

We are an on the go family of four from Shallow Lake Ontario Canada and are always looking for a nutritious portable snack to grab on our way to dance, kayaking, hockey, or school. Our interest in Bison grew from our desire to learn more about what we were eating, feeding our family and where it came from. We did a lot of research and with our new found information decided to find a unique and tasty way to share our love of Bison meat, and BUFF was created. 

In creating BUFF we looked at all of the ingredients we didn’t like found in other snack sticks and went about finding a more natural replacement. For example. Instead of refined white sugar usually found in a snack stick, we opted to use Ontario Maple Syrup. Instead of table salt we decided to use sea salt and instead of sodium nitrate or nitrate we sourced a safe and effective alternative in celery extract. Our focus is providing ingredients you can pronounce, because we feel if you can’t pronounce it, it maybe shouldn’t be in what you eat. We took a lot of time and energy to research and test this product to make sure it was the tastiest and healthiest snack stick available. 

There’s nutritious and there’s delicious. Most products claim to be both but usually only fall into one category or the other. BUFF is the best combination of both ever found in a snack stick and we hope that you agree.