The BUFF Snack Stick Story

Buff Story

When we married in 2005, farming or bison was not on our radar at all. We were busy with careers in manufacturing and marketing / nursing, and raising babies. It was not something we ever thought we would get into. Then we feel in love with Bison - the taste, the sustainable nature of the business and the low input animal itself. That is where BUFF started. Before we found our farm, we decided to come up with a way to share our passion for bison and saw the need for healthier snack options, specifically protein rich ones that don't have all the "muck" in them. We wrapped all of that up into a product we love, meat sticks. Picking only the most natural ingredients and aligning with an expert smoked meat creator was our priority. What came of it was an amazingly delicious, all-natural, and 100% Canadian snack. From our humble beginnings of taste tasting and doodling logos, we have grown to a large network of retail vendors and a successful online store. As for the farm, we did finally find our perfect piece of property and are happily raising 100 plus bison (and counting), 5 barn cats, 1 dog and 2 kids. Learn more about Big Rock Bison on the About the Farm section.

BUFF Meat Sticks


We chose all of our ingredients very carefully, with ours and your health in mind, starting with the number 1 - Bison! We also chose not to put in all of the "muck" that can help extend shelf life, etc. No one needs it, and your body sure can't use it. By making smaller batches and using a consistent process of fermenting and cold smoking (using bacteria as our friend - check out the blog section for a full explanation) we can ensure that each time you get a smoky, tangy, and satisfying snack. No exceptions. And by using all of our select premium ingredients, BUFF sticks have a nutritional label that's hard to beat.

Bison in the field at Big Rock Bison Farm

Active Lifestyle

For todays health conscious consumers, bison is a leading culinary trend. BUFF is a healthy lifestyle brand that has taken this nutrient dense premium meat and made it into a flavor powerhouse snack with 7g of protein per stick. Versatile and portable wholesome goodness that all on the go customers will love. The value is not in what you pay, but what you get in return = top quality nutrient dense natural ingredients shipped right to your door. #allbuffnofluff #bufflife


Lean and Clean - 100% Canadian Bison and Beef, Ontario maple syrup, Sea Salt, Spices (not hiding anything here, just keeping our special blend to ourselves) Celery Extract (the most naturally occurring nitrate - needed for the safety of the curing process) and natural wood smoke. Gluten Free, Allergen Free, No Soy, No Dairy, Natural sugar = yummmmmm