Q: Why eat BUFF?
A: Thanks to BUFF's portability, nutrition and great taste, they are a fantastic source of energy for athletes, active families and foodies.  We at BUFF strive to create the best tasting, responsibly sourced, all natural, Bison based snack stick available in the Canadian market. 

Q: How long is BUFF good for after package is opened
A: Once you've opened your package, if they don't get gobbled up instantly, they are best consumed that day. After that please place in the fridge and consume in the next couple of days. 

Q: What type of casing is BUFF made with?
A: It is a bovine collagen casing - thanks for asking! 

Q: Is BUFF specialty diet friendly?
A: Absolutely!  A lot of our customers have special diet restrictions. BUFF is perfect for Diabetic diets, Its great for Paleo, keto and primal diets. Its made in a peanut free facility and the question we get asked the most yes, BUFF is  GLUTEN FREE! 

Q: If I am following Paleo or Primal diets can I eat bison?
A: Paleo is a diet and lifestyle that uses what humans have eaten for millions of years as a guide. So on top of being delicious, bison is most certainly on the Paleo and Primal diets, considering Bison is the original red meat. Our BUFF sticks included. Using all natural ingredients with no fillers makes them a tasty diet conscious snack.

Q: Why are bison products so much more expensive that normal off the shelf meat snacks?
A: The true cost of food is complicated. It has taken us years to truly understand. Let me give you a very quick breakdown. Its easy to look at the package and just see expensive, but if you really break down what’s in it and factor in: that we chose all natural ingredient, and sourced everything from our meat and maple syrup to bags and packaging supplies 100% Canadian it keeps out “footprint” smaller and jobs and industry dollars where we need it - at home! We believe that unhealthy food makes unhealthy people so creating a healthy and delicious alternative will have the opposite effect. When all factors are considered, it becomes clear that, the cost of eating moderate portions of delicious, healthy, sustainable meat is fairly inexpensive. And you are worth it! 

Q: Is Bison “Gamey” tasting?
A: Animal meat is flavored by whatever the animal eats during its life. So wild animals have a more “earthy” taste as they eat what is most natural – wild grasses, and legumes. The bison and beef used in our BUFF sticks are from reputable, upstanding farming operations that allow the animals to graze naturally but they may see a grain ration in their lifetime, so we cannot say that they are 100% grass fed – but we are certain that they are raised in a sustainable and humane way.