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Store Feature - Goodness Me

Store Feature – Goodness Me!

Since starting BUFF we knew it had to get into grocery stores we just didn’t know exactly how to do that. With a lot of knocking on doors and cold calling we now have BUFF into approx. 50 different locations across Ontario. Everything from hometown local store, to speciality butcher shops and into some popular grocery stores (check out the for full list) We were very excited when Goodness Me chain of stores decided to carry our product. We are currently in the Barrie, Brantford and Guelph locations with hopes of getting into the balance of locations this year.

Why do we get excited about Goodness Me? They are a different kind of grocery store. And with everyone trying to be so different and set themselves apart by products they carry or focusing on local etc Goodness Me has already been doing it for years. In fact they celebrated 35 years in business this year. A testament to a dedicated ownership, staff and customers who are passionate about healthy living. “providing foods that nourish, avoiding ones that harm, and sharing the wisdom to know the difference” could not be put in more clear and understandable terms for everyone!

Our mission is simple: to discover, educate about, and offer healthy living products. This was Janet's mission back in 1981 when she first opened the doors to Goodness Me!, and it hasn't wavered since. We exist to help people live longer and healthier lives through our product offering, education focus, information, and customer service. We'll help you navigate the confusing world of health and nutrition and figure out a plan that works for you. Whether you're starting fresh in the world of nutrition or are a seasoned expert, we want to help you discover the power of food” We could not agree more with what their mission and are always on the hunt to align our products with people and companies who feel the same way we do. Knowledge is power.

Also cool about Goodness Me is their calendar of events. It is completely jam packed with amazing offerings. Come complimentary and some paid for, but they all look interesting!. Everything from a lifewatchers course, and cooking classes to workshops on healthy hair, or getting back your proper sleep patterns.

“Goodness Me! was one of the first and only resources for people to access nutritional foods and supplements, and perhaps more importantly, information and education about health and nutrition. It was a much needed addition to the community, and Janet thrived on reaching out to and helping people of all walks of life. Today, Goodness Me! has grown to a number of locations, hundreds of knowledgeable and friendly staff, and thousands of beneficial natural and organic products.

Janet’s passion for education has lived on, creating a dedication to education for all of our customers. We have remained strong due to Janet’s commitment to bringing people together, motivating them to take the steps necessary to achieve their optimal health, and helping them along the way. We understand our role and responsibility in protecting and promoting health and nutrition, and we take it very seriously. At Goodness Me!, our goal is, and always has been, to empower you to be as healthy as you’d like to be, and to help you get there. What will your success story be?”

Thank you Goodness Me for creating and sustaining an environment of health conscious choices and education. BUFF is very proud to be in your stores and we know as we introduce new Bison products they will meet the criteria necessary to be on your selves.




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