Sugar Steak - Your New Favorite

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Sugar Steak - Your new favoriteWe were fortunate enough to attend the International Bison Convention in Big Sky Montana last week. We came home overflowing with new information on how best to raise our amazing bison, how to market it and some other little tid bits that I will share along the way. First bit - We had the pleasure of watching a cooking demonstration by chef Kyle Mendenhall from Arcana Restaurant in Boulder, Colorado, Jessie Prince from Eating Well Magazine and Adam Danforth a author and butcher. It was the very best steak I have ever had….and I think...

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We dream BIG at BUFF and Big Rock Bison

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We dream BIG at Big Rock BisonMaybe you think we new bison farmers dream only in bison, grass management, marketing ideas, and BUFF sales. Truth be told – that is what consumes many of our waking hours and some of our sleeping hours too!. But mostly we dream of bigger things. Us parents of more time (like everyone else) camping, kayaking, blissful spa or cottage days, higher education and what we will do when our business is at the success point we have set. Our kids dream amazing things too. They dream of swimming in spaghetti, dancing on stage, raining...

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#dadsrock - discount code for online orders for Fathers Day!

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#DadsRock Did you know that Fathers Day is just around the corner?? No?? Dad hasn't mentioned it?? well get ready folks its happening.  There always seems to be so much hype about mothers day (don’t get me wrong I think it is well deserved!) but Sunday June 18 is when we will all get to celebrate the dad’s in our world. The dad’s (new and old), fathers in law, uncles, best friends dads and neighborhood dads. I hope you are all fortunate enough to have lots of wonderful men to celebrate. But when it comes to celebrating dads its not quite...

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Visit Bruce Peninsula Landmarks and get some BUFF and Big Rock Bison!

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BUFF and Big Rock Bison at local landmarks starting May 24 Weekend!Anyone who has ever ventured to our neck of the woods (Grey-Bruce County and The Bruce Peninsula) has first fallen in love with our beautiful scenery and second visited many of our iconic landmarks including two places that we are excited BUFF and Big Rock Bison will be at this season. Mars fries in Sauble Beach is right on Lakeshore road. You can leave your towel for a minute and walk a few steps to one of the longest standing fry shacks in Sauble Beach. They serve up quality...

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BUFF Makes a great Diabetic Snack!

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BUFF Makes a great snack for diabetics!I had no idea. I am fortunate enough to not be directly affected by diabetes and possibly naive enough to not totally get the big picture for those living with diabetes everyday. I mean I am a nurse as well as a “all things bison ambassador”, so I understand the struggle of balancing blood sugars, but maybe in a more clinical way. I know the signs and symptoms of Hyperglycemia (blood sugar too high) and Hypoglycemia (blood sugar too low) but not exactly how even healthy snacks affect that. First of all lets talk...

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