#Itsallaboutthatgrass - Grass Finishing Bision at it's best! - Healthy Bison Meat Snack Sticks - BUFF

#Itsallaboutthatgrass - Grass Finishing Bision at it's best!

Last week we had the privilege of going to Northstar Bison in Rice Lake Wisconsin to learn all about grass finishing and Bison. The Graese family were wonderful hosts and took the time to take out little family on a tour of their ranch - although it wasn't part of the conference. It is so amazing to see these animals doing what they do out in the field. Majestic is not an understatement! You may be asking why did BUFF go all the way to Wisconsin?? Well BUFF is the first of many products we want to launch under the BUFF brand  - and while we work on bringing you new products we have bought a farm and have our own Bison arriving within a month here in Ontario! Its exciting times for us and we can't wait to share our story as it progresses. In the mean time if you want to learn more about why grass is best you can check out Northstar Bison at www.northstarbison.com. They are a wonderful resource for us and for any of you wanting to learn more.
Any yes I did buy the coolest Bison hat around!! Look for it on other BUFF supports in pictures soon!
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