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Big Rock Bison - The animals have arrived!

As most of you know BUFF started as an idea to make a better product than we could find out there. We have done that and are loving the journey it is taking us on. The people we meet and the retailers we supply love it and love what we are about and we couldn't be happier!

Creating BUFF got us thinking that we would like to someday have a farm and raise our own Bison and eventually get into the Bison meat game. Well over the last year we found a perfect piece of Grey-Bruce county and got everything in place and did just that! We started our own farm called Big Rock Bison. Our 44 animals arrived from 3 different locations and are happily grazing on our lush grass in one big happy herd!!


We are so excited to taking our BUFF adventure to the next level and love that you are all along for the ride with us.

Please be sure to ask any questions about our animals and how they will be raised! We are happy to answer them all.

In the mean time we are constantly expanding BUFF across Ontario - be sure to check out our online store promo's at


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