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Dare to Compare

More and more people are discovering BUFF. Mom's, athletes, on the go families, etc. We are getting a lot of positive feedback on our product and want to share with you what some people are saying.

"after comparing the ingredients in what we were eating, it was a no brainer to switch to eating your bison sticks instead - thanks for making such a great product" -Tina

"Best tasting pepperette EVER - thank you!" - Bill

"So impressed with the thought and research you put into your recipe, so glad we found your product to have as a healthy snack for the kids (and us) in our home" - Melissa

"I was tired of protein bars and shakes to supplement my work out routine, was looking for Bison meat everywhere and love that I can have these little gems handy for a protein kick when I need one" - Todd

We based our recipe on things we found in what were eating that we wanted to eliminate, but still make a tasty product. I think we nailed it and we are enjoying having the world find out that yes it is still just a pepperette but the its helping fuel the movement to know what you are eating. We have some new products we want to launch all Bison based of course. In the next year keep an eye out for us and what's to come. In the mean time take a look at what you are eating, figure out if there are things you want to eliminate (chemicals, fillers, additives you cant pronounce) and things you want to add (healthy lean bison meat) and then compare to our nutritional profile and see for yourself.



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