Introducing the 10 Pack of BUFF - as per customer demand!! - Healthy Bison Meat Snack Sticks - BUFF

Introducing the 10 Pack of BUFF - as per customer demand!!

Welcome back – Introducing the 10 Pack!!!

Ok ok I know its been a while. You will have to forgive me as it has been BANANAS!! I assume that all of you are living lives in the fast lane as well. The last few months were just faster than I had anticipated! Such is life I guess.

So now I am back at it reminding you why BUFF is so awesome. Lets recap. BUFF is made from All canadian ingredients. Why is that important – we want to know where everthing is coming from that we are eating and we assume you want to know as well. Everything from the bison to the maple syrup to the producers to the invetors all are 100% Canadian!


Eating a BUFF stick is as canadain as a beaver wearing a touque paddling a canoe with a hockey stick. Its just that natural.

Due to customer demand we came up with some new packaging to help feed all of you hungry families, athlets and general meat lovers. It’s a resealable 10 pack. It keeps the sticks super moist but not mushy and lets you open the pack for just one or to take on the road to share. But beware once a bag is opened you may have to hide it if you want to keep any for yourself. The bags are easy to open and close and are like the rest of our packaging recyclable

So spread the word, and spread the love. Order online at and for reading this blog enter the promo code YOUROCK and get 10% off your online order.

Keep posted here I have a few moths of info I cant wait to share with you. Bison are the coolest and I am going to help you all understand why.

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