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Be part of "The Herd" blog


Why did we name our new blog “The Herd” you ask? A couple of reasons. There is not many animals on the planet that have the inherent herding instincts that Bison do, and we are trying to represent all things Bison. And after some reflection decided that like minded people could be considered a “herd” as well and we want to surround ourselves and extend the invitation to “join the herd” with people that believe in the same thing we do. Healthy living, hold the boring. Conscious eating choices that reflect a desire to know where their food is coming from, and what’s in it. As well as not compromising on excellent taste!


“When an association of animals (or, by extension, people) is described as a herd, the implication is that the group tends to act together (for example, all moving in the same direction at a given time), but that this does not occur as a result of planning or coordination. Rather, each individual is choosing behaviour that corresponds to that of the majority of other members, possibly through imitation or possibly because all are responding to the same external circumstances”. Everyone that loves BUFF is most certainly an individual but as part of the BUFF herd, each person is driven by similar motivations – health, wellness and conscious food choices.


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