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Big Rock Bison - Shopping Safely in 2020







Hello Big Rock Bison and BUFF customers,

We hope you are doing well during this unprecedented and uncertain time in our country’s history.  Staying safe and healthy is priority #1.

Times are changing. How we work, how we live, how we parent, how we stay active and how we eat and shop is all changing. One thing that is not changing is Big Rock Bison. We are staying true to what we do best – delivering quality, sustainable and safe 100% grass fed Bison meat.

Supporting small business is more important than ever and there are so many in our community that you can turn to for your next purchase. Before you head to Amazon, stop and think if it would be available locally. Most businesses that have to close their store fronts will most certainly arrange for a contact free pick up or drop off for you.

Our supply chain is simple and is intact = curbside contact free pickup

Pre order with an email to – all payment by etransfer to (auto deposit set up so no need to worry about question etc.)

BUFF Cases Twins x30 per box = $96                       
5 Packs x12 per box = $96 or $8.00 each individually

100% Grass Fed Bison Box
3x Pure Bison Ground
2 Pks of 4oz Bison Patties (8 Patties total) *Gluten Free
1 Garlic and 1 Italian Sausage (8 Links total) *Gluten Free
2x 5Packs of BUFF Sticks
1x BUFF Salami $120.00

  • Other cuts available by request, pricing will be done per order basis -

**There are recipes available at with more to come on the website and social media – stay tuned**

Grey Bruce is a strong and resilient community. Supporting one another safely, while also aggressively practicing social distancing is key to a more positive outcome for our community. We are hoping your families stay safe and healthy.

All the best,

Mark, Heather, Ty and Ellie Shouldice


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