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Bison Egg Rolls or Wontons

#funfactfriday another segment of "how to for you" with Big Rock Bison meat as the center of attention. 

This time I made a family favorite Egg Rolls tex-mex style. Served with a salad it was a great dinner on the go or even more enjoyable if you have time to actually sit at a table to enjoy!! haha

1 package egg roll wrappers 
1lb ground bison
1 pkg taco seasoning or your own homemade version of spicy to your taste
1 bag pre shredded cabbage salad
1 medium onion sliced
1/4 cup coconut oil

Brown the bison and add the taco mix. In a separate pan cook down the cabbage salad and onion. Let both cool completely. Get your oil warming up while you start wrapping. I made mine meal size but the same recipe could be used in wonton wrappers as an appetizer served with ranch and salsa mixed together for dipping. 

Once you get them stuffed use warm water to seal the edged and don't let the rolls touch or they will stick and it will be a mess. 

Now you are ready to fry em!! Place them in the hot pan for a couple min per side and drain on paper towel. Serve fresh so they are nice and crunchy. 

There was enough here to serve a family of 5 plus lunch for the next day. If you did wontons there would more than enough for a big appy helping!


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