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Bison Meat For Sale - From Big Rock Bison


Farm Direct Meat Sales for Fall 2016 – Winter 2017

Big Rock Bison is a new bison farm in Shallow Lake Ontario, specializing in premium 100% grass fed bison. When you receive your bison meat it will be vacuum packed, labeled and ready for your freezer. We hope to lay the ground work for years of return business to Big Rock Bison for all of your 100% grass fed bison.

At Big Rock Bison this season we are promoting the sale of whole, side, quarters or 1/8th’s. This may sound daunting or too much meat for one family but if you truly look at your meat consumption you may be surprised to find that getting a quarter (split half) or half makes total sense for your family. On the flip side if you are sure that is too much consider ordering with another family, group of friends, co-workers etc. and you can all benefit from the cost savings, having your freezer stocked with amazing local 100% grass fed Bison and maybe trying some cuts you would otherwise maybe not normally purchase.

How our animals are raised

Big Rock Bison is committed to the following feeding and pasture management program

  • Our bison are in a rotational grazing program that maximizes the amount and quality of the grass that they have access to.
  • In the winter season, they are only fed hay which is produced on the same farm that was never treated with any pesticides or other chemicals.
  • Our bison have access to quality clean drinking water 24/7
  • we do not feed any GMO's
  • we do not use herbicides
  • we do not use pesticides
  • we do not use artificial (commercial) fertilizer
  • we do not implant our bison with growth hormones and/or steroids
  • we do not finish our animals in a feedlot, in fact they stay out on pasture all winter
  • we do not crossbreed our bison
  • we DO provide spacious pastures and fresh water, with salt and mineral free choice
  • we DO have all meat government inspected

So what do you get when you buy Bison in bulk?

Good question, especially for those considering buying meat in bulk for the first time. For starters when you order you will not be expected to know all of the cuts of meat, how much of each etc. We take care of that for you. A selection of steaks, roasts, ground will be sent in volumes that correspond to the size of your order. It will come vacuumed packed, and labeled (with weights shown) so you can neatly and safely store it in your freezer.

Please contact us for most up to date price per lb or larger bulk orders (half, whole etc)





Mark and Heather Shouldice

Owners and Operators of Big Rock Bison and 519.375.6668


A whole 100% Grass Fed bison consists of approx. 348lbs of boneless packaged Bison meat. This will fit into approx. 8 Cubic feet of freezer space. You can expect to get the following cuts and quantities for a whole bison (approximations for weight considered) weights for side and quarters are proportionally less.


Tenderloin Steaks

Approx. 7.5lbs

Strip Loin Steaks

Approx. 18lbs

Rib Eye Steaks or Roast

Approx. 15lbs

Prime Rib Steak or Roast

Approx. 20lbs

Chuck/Cross Rib Roasts

Approx. 50lbs

Inside Round Roast

Approx. 31lbs

Outside Round Roast

Approx. 19lbs

Eye of Round Roast

Approx. 7.5lbs

Sirloin Tip Roast

Approx. 18lbs

Back and Short Ribs

Approx. 12lbs

Stew Meat

Approx. 17lbs

Ground 1lb bags

Approx. 66lbs


Approx. 66lbs


In addition you can let us know if you would like to add any of the below to your Bison meat order

                                                                                    Please specify here for request

Bison Liver, Heart or Tongue

$10.00 each


Meaty Soup Bones – 2-3lb/pkg



Marrow Bones – 2-3lb/pkg




100% Canadian Bison 1oz snack stick



Hot and Spicy


BUFF Snack Sticks – Singles

$2.30 each




BUFF Snack Sticks – Twins

$4.50 each




BUFF Snack Sticks – 6 Packs

$12.50 each




BUFF Snack Sticks – 10 packs

$20.00 each




BUFF Naked Original Jerky

57g each






A visual reference for your bison cuts of meat and some cooking guidance

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