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How Bison Keep Warm

As we approach (although thankfully slowly here in Ontario) winter. We start to think about all of the layers that will soon daunt us. They will test our patients as we wrestle kids into and out of snowsuits. We will deal with soakers and wet feet, cold hands and runny noses. This however frustrating as it may be is also one of the privileges of living in an area that experiences all 4 seasons. Mother nature has taken care of bison in this regard. Did you know that bison have 8 times more hair follicles that cattle? This gives them an exceptional advantage over short hair farm animals in extreme cold environments. And it makes it so that even in the worst winter weather they happily stay out in the fields. Bison have excellent winter insulation: thick skin and underfur, long guard hairs, and layers of fat. They also have short eyelashes to help prevent build up of ice around their eyes.

So if you see a bison in the winter don't fret that they are being exposed to the elements - they were designed that way.

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