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How to grill a perfect Bison steak

Grilling Bison Steaks

Why do you need to know??

Ladies – to add to your already fully stocked recipe book and to show your crew you can do anything!

Men – Because if you cant you are required to turn in your man card – its just something men are supposed to know!

Mostly you need to know because if you are spending the $$ on a bison steak you don’t want to mess it up!

Where do I get a bison steak??

The grocery store?? Heck no…..

For a primo Bison steak you have to go to the source - Big Rock Bison or any other local bison farm close to you.

What cut of steak should I get? – Top 3!

New York Strip                Tenderloin                 Ribeye

Rule #1 A cold steak is a tough steak – always let it rest on the counter for about 40 min to bring it up to room temp from the fridge.

  Rule #2 Keep it simple – to get the most flavor out of your bison steak use good quality salt (preferably kosher or sea salt), and pepper. Using store bought spices is a preferance, but are usually best used to cover up a lower quality cut. If you are spending the bucks make the most of it!

Salt the steak when you have it warming on the counter. Don’t forget to do both sides (and as it gets close to looking like the last pic get the grill fired up). Grind pepper onto a plate and place steak in it or grind on top of the steak to taste

So now you have nailed the cooking – time to eat? NO You have to let the steak rest for a min of 5 min! If you don’t you will risk messing with the deliciousness you just created 

Final thoughts…

The debate on steak sauce..….well we arent going to tell you how to eat your masterpiece. But would recommend you at least eat a few bites “naked” to appreciate the flavor.

I know it doesn’t feel like steak season right now, but hey your BBQ is still sitting out there. Brush the snow off of it, get your Canadian butts to a bison farm or local retail outlet and treat yourself and your special someone.

FYI – Big Rock Bison has all of these amazing cuts, plus all of your ground, sausage, roast, patties to keep your BBQ rocking all winter long. Oh and while you are here grab some BUFF sticks for snacks or to kick up your Cesar game while entertaining!




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