Introducing.....BUFF Naked Jerky - Healthy Bison Meat Snack Sticks - BUFF

Introducing.....BUFF Naked Jerky

We have taken everything we love about Bison, paired it with our experience of creating our other amazing product BUFF sticks and came up with an amazing full muscle, all natural jerky that we are sure you and your family/friends will devour.

The BUFF brand is everything that you are looking for. We are an Active Ontario Bison farming family who have created a unique, PALEO friendly, Gluten free, MSG free, low calorie and high protein portable quality snack. We use premium grass fed Canadian Bison that have never been treated with hormones or steroids. BUFF Jerky is hand carved, marinated and naturally smoked without any preservatives, fillers or added nitrates. It is also shelf stable at room temperature, meaning its not only delicious, sustainably created and…. did we mention delicious? Its also portable and does not require refrigeration. Making it perfect tasty protein punch for pretty much everything. Hiking, biking, travelling and long car rides.....the possibilities are endless.

BUFF jerky is the perfect balance of health and taste to fit into any part of your busy day!

Order yours today at our online store
$10.00 per pack and worth every penny!!!


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