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Please dont poke our sausage!

Please don’t poke our sausage!
As mother nature starts to sort out this thing we call Spring in Ontario – which can mean anything from 20 degrees to snow. We all start to un-earth our BBQ’s and get ready for lots of outdoor eating, or at least grilling (as it wont be long until its mosquito season – but we are not complaining because then it wont be snowing)
Big Rock Bison and have all of your meat eating areas of your entertaining needs covered. Our BUFF sticks are great as a Ceaser garnish on the deck, we also have a new bison pepperoni that is awesome on  charcuterie boards. As well we have all the cuts of bison you could ever want for whatever kind of BBQ you rock – gas, charcoal, pit style or smoker! One of our most popular summer bbq items is our garlic sausage. They come in packs of 4 and their total weight for 4 is 1.35lbs – so they are BIG.
I wanted to take a minute and explain how to properly cook our very lean Bison sausage.
First please remember that these sausages are so lean they will hardly shrink. And because they are so lean they do not squirt, splash or spray any “juices” or fat during cooking. Some people like to pre-cut or slice other sausages to help them not be so greasy. ***WARNING*** if you do this to our bison sausage they will come out so dry that no one will enjoy them.
Our sausages are best to be put on the grill at room temperature or chilled (not frozen) on med heat. Turning frequently. I am a bit of a eye ball chef so I cant say for sure how long to keep them on – maybe long enough to enjoy half a beer (or maybe a full one depending…)  on the deck? Haha. You can always do a small cut once you think they are done to check for pink inside. I then usually let them rest tented so they keep cooking a bit and let the juices re-distributes then enjoy with your fav condiments ball park style or bunless with some spicy mustard (my fav)
All of you in cottage country here in Grey-Bruce you can get all of your bison meat for an epic weekend by appointment at our silo store at the farm by calling 519-375-6668 or at Lamblicious which is just down the road from us and they are open 6 days a week and have all of our cuts and charge the same amount as we do here at the farm. Your choice – however you get it…it will be worth it.  Happy Q-ing!
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