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Store Feature - Sanagan's Meat Locker

Store feature – Sanagan's Meat Market

When we started BUFF what feels like a 100 years ago (reality its only 4.5) after we had gotten our recipe nailed down, our packaging perfected for the moment and finally with product in hand, I had to get to selling it.

With some guidance from friends and family we started a list of potential locations to sell our BUFF sticks. Then the real work began. Cold calling random strangers in the food industry to convince them to sell a brand new never before on the market product is not for the faint of heart. One of my most exciting calls was to Sanagan’s. I had been given their name from a lady who knew that the owner Peter was from the area and might like to support a local business. Lucky for me he did and we have been sending BUFF sticks to their Kensington market location since. Last week I had the privilege of visiting the store in person to deliver their next batch of newly packaged BUFF sticks.

Im not going to lie. Directions are not my strong suit. Thank goodness for google maps. The only thing missing would have been someone video taping me as I wandered around China Town with a heavy awkward box looking completely lost. Would have been some funny footage!

When I arrived I was blown away by how busy the store was. Granted I came at lunch time which made my visit with my contact Kelly there quite brief.  I wish I had, had more time to just take in all of the products offered, and the beautifully set up meat counters. Something I never would have appreciated as much as I do now in life.

Their flagship location is

 Kensington Market
176 Baldwin Street
Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L8

Monday to Friday: 10 to 7
Saturday: 8 to 7
Sunday: 10 to 6

And the just opened a new location, which I am sure is going to be wildly successful.

Gerrard India Bazaar 
1513 Gerrard St East
Toronto, Ontario, M4L 2A4

Monday to Friday: 11 to 7
Saturday: 9 to 6
Sunday: 11 to 5

Their team is doing wonderful things for the meat industry. They offer products all produced fairly locally and highlight where exactly all of their meat products come from. The counter staff were wonderful educators – I was able to overhear them helping customers with cooking and preparation questions as well as for example where the eggs came from that they were selling.

Check out their website it really might be my most favorite website ever. The staff profiles, wonderful imagery and the old fashioned chalk board look gets me every time! And they are just awesome because I think so. They have been voted top butcher in Toronto many times, they are featured topics on many foodie blogs and newspaper articles. Thanks Sanagan's team for supporting small Ontario farmers/business. You are doing a lot of things right and we are behind you 100%!


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