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Sugar Steak - Your New Favorite

Sugar Steak - Your new favorite
We were fortunate enough to attend the International Bison Convention in Big Sky Montana last week. We came home overflowing with new information on how best to raise our amazing bison, how to market it and some other little tid bits that I will share along the way.

First bit - We had the pleasure of watching a cooking demonstration by chef Kyle Mendenhall from Arcana Restaurant in Boulder, Colorado, Jessie Prince from Eating Well Magazine and Adam Danforth a author and butcher.
It was the very best steak I have ever had….and I think I’m a pretty decent cook. So I had to share.

Bison Sugar Steak
Mix 2 parts brown sugar and 1 part sea or kosher salt, chili flake and garlic to taste. Rub all over liberally to any cut of steak – we had it on a flank or a similar thin cut – but I imagine it would be fantastic on a rib eye. Let sit for an hr at room temp. then rinse and pat dry and grill to med rare(ish) and let sit for 10-15 min. Slice and enjoy.
I know it sounds odd, but it truly was a unique tasting experience that I think you should try.

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