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Try Pemmican - Promo code

Try Pemmican – Promo Code here

So its been a whirl wind since we re-launched BUFF last month. Our new packaging, recipe and website have been a labor of love and what we feel is a smart business decision.

In all of the chaos we have temporarily sold out of our BUFF sticks and fermented Salami. But we still are selling the Canadian Prairie Bison Pemmican we introduced with our new website. I am sure you have some questions. Why are you sold out? When will BUFF be back in stock? Whats going to happen next? What the heck is Pemmican? All great questions that I am happy to answer, but in the mean time you should consider ordering some pemmican. Or at least keep reading for some extra motivation to order.

Why are we sold out? – well that’s a little self-explanatory. Once we got our product in our hot little hands and then got it on our website and to a few vendors it took off and before we knew it we were sold out. A great problem, but still a problem we hope doesn’t happen again.

When will BUFF be back in stock? Well here’s the thing. When we did our first batch with the new recipe and packaging we didn’t go too big to make sure our packaging was on point and that the response was positive before we got into larger batches. Now we know everyone loves it so here we go. We should be back stocked up for our online store and to get our current vendors and hopefully a bunch of new ones all filed up by May 8th at the latest. Stay tuned! And now you may wonder why it takes so long, its only April 11? Well part of what sets BUFF apart aside from being Bison focused is that they are fermented and cold smoked which a natural process but it takes considerably more time. The results to us say its worth the wait. You wont see the “big guys” doing it this way because of the time required. But after we get stocked back up in May keeping our shelves stocked and those of your local gourmet store should not be a problem.

What going to happen next? With all of the crazy changes we have been doing, moving production of BUFF from a provincial facility to a federal one is one of the biggest. Our producers have built a state of the art brand new facility that BUFF will be made in going forward. It will still be made with old world fermented and cold smoked ways, just in a very controlled building resulting in a wonderful consistent BUFF product. We will be able to sell at our online store as well as across the world. So if you have a gourmet, specialty food store in your area that you think should sell BUFF – email me and I will see what I can do. And tell your peeps…..wherever they are! is still open. And although we are sold out of our BUFF sticks and salami temporarily we still have Pemmican for sale and would like to encourage you to give it a try. Only available in Ontario through us at BUFF and Mountain Equipment Co-op its an amazing unique bison and berry product that tastes just like jerky! Pemmican is a traditional food of first nations, pemmican made with bison meat and saskatoon berries. A portable and nutritious energy source. Our herds are raised respectfully and humanely, in their natural environment, with no artificial growth or gain enhancers, stimulants, or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. each animal's origin is verifiable.  Ingredients: Bison, Saskatoon Berries, Dextrose, Sea Salt, Brown Sugar, Glucono Delta Lactone, Sodium Phosphate, Spice, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite, Smoke.

Its not made by BUFF but we sure support it.  Use PEMMICAN in the promocode section of for 10% off your pemmican order!


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