Visit Bruce Peninsula Landmarks and get some BUFF and Big Rock Bison! - Healthy Bison Meat Snack Sticks - BUFF

Visit Bruce Peninsula Landmarks and get some BUFF and Big Rock Bison!

BUFF and Big Rock Bison at local landmarks starting May 24 Weekend!
Anyone who has ever ventured to our neck of the woods (Grey-Bruce County and The Bruce Peninsula) has first fallen in love with our beautiful scenery and second visited many of our iconic landmarks including two places that we are excited BUFF and Big Rock Bison will be at this season.
Mars fries in Sauble Beach is right on Lakeshore road. You can leave your towel for a minute and walk a few steps to one of the longest standing fry shacks in Sauble Beach. They serve up quality and quantity. Just be careful the seagulls have been known to have a liking for the fries as well! They approached us – wanting to support local and sell our bison burgers this summer….ummm yes please! So be sure to get in line (yes their tends to be one) and enjoy the view while you wait. We promise it will be worth it. And remember the burgers are 6 oz so be ready for a MEAL!

A second iconic on the Bruce Peninsula is the Sweet Shop. Usually we end up in Tobermory for a hike, swim etc then get some fish and chips (there are none better in the world in my opinion) then head to the Sweet Shop for a treat. It used to be just a homemade candy store with some ice cream. They have since expanded to special coffee, large amounts of homemade candy, some hard to find vintage candy and other gourmet type foodie goods. Which is where BUFF comes in. They approached us again wanting to support local and an unique product their customers will love – so yes of course when you go to get that ice cream after your Tobermory dinner of choice (seriously get the fish and chips!) grab some buff to throw in your bag for your next adventure on the Bruce. Check them out
While you are here please enjoy and take in all the beauty and amazing sights and leave with lots of memories and a few local treasures. I do feel I need to mention that while you are on our 2 lane highways and there is a lot of traffic. Please be patient. There have been so many accidents and near misses these last few years as our little neck of the woods gets discovered by the outside world. The grotto will still be there and beautiful, the flower pot isn’t going anywhere, the beach isn’t going to wash away. Take your time and know that everyone is in a rush to get to their destination – I promise all of the fun will be sucked out of your weekend away if it ends in an accident.
Support local business like ours this summer. At these fine locations or at our silo store (by appointment) or online at
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