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We dream BIG at BUFF and Big Rock Bison

We dream BIG at Big Rock Bison
Maybe you think we new bison farmers dream only in bison, grass management, marketing ideas, and BUFF sales. Truth be told – that is what consumes many of our waking hours and some of our sleeping hours too!. But mostly we dream of bigger things. Us parents of more time (like everyone else) camping, kayaking, blissful spa or cottage days, higher education and what we will do when our business is at the success point we have set. Our kids dream amazing things too. They dream of swimming in spaghetti, dancing on stage, raining gum drops and meeting celebrities. They also have career dreams too…..Ty wants to be a profession motocross rider in the off season from the NHL and Ellie wants to be a vet!

Currently Dr. Ellie is focusing on animals of the stuff variety. For Christmas my dad (Pete Wyonch) gave her blueprints for what was to be the best homemade vet clinic in history. Starting in the spring my dad would come up on weekends and even took some time off of work to come up and get it done. He thought of everything – its insulated, hard wood floors, a loft, big window and a door with a key she needs to be responsible for, roof to match the house…..on and on…..It was put in its final spot on our farm June 11 and has been in and out of a zillion times. Some times are for decorating, some times for “clinic time” that I assume involves a lot of made up stuffed animal emergencies.
We are fostering this dream of Ellie's and for her 8th birthday she got a lot of wonderful things for her clinic. A microscope, stethoscope, dressing supplies, a desk and chair, books and “patients” all of which have found a home. Even if the this vet thing doesn’t pan out and she starts to dream a different dream we will be behind her 100% because if we hadn’t kept dreaming and changing and growing we would never have gotten to the place we are in right now. Doing what we are doing with BUFF and Big Rock Bison.
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